City to Surf Training

City to Surf Training

We are now 10 weeks out for the City to Surf and those looking at completing this iconic Sydney Run are advised to get some running training in. We will be posting fortnightly 3 sessions a week(short, interval and long) to be completed.

The training program will contain three different types of sessions.

The Shorter and Interval Runs

With the moderate training distances you can focus more on pushing yourself during your weekly shorter and interval runs. Intensity is proven as one of the most important contributors to improving aerobic fitness. If you feel fresh, aim every few sessions to push for some PB’s in your running speeds. Monitor your times with a watch to make sure your pace is improving on a week-to-week basis.

The Longer Runs

Increased training distances help to improve running economy or efficiency and prevent fatigue. This is what people refer to when they say the needs some distance in the legs.

Those without GPS watches are advised to look at downloading MapMyRun which is an easy App to use to allow distances to be recorded on your phone.

Week 1


2.4km Run TEST


4 x 200m every 2mins

6 x 100m every 1min


5km Run


Week 2


4km Run


8 x 400m rest 2:30mins TEST


7km Run

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