5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be More Successful In The Gym

You may have become a regular at the gym, training frequently, you understand all the CrossFit lingo and feel more comfortable. 

A question that you should ask yourself now is, ‘ARE’ you getting the most out of your training?’  There is more to just showing up and going through the motions.

  1. Set Goals: We release the workouts a week in advance. Have a good read; look at what you want to work on. Are there particular techniques you can focus on this week. Are there any lifting PBs you can accomplish?  Think about how you’d like to get through the tough workout this week; can you sit at a certain RPM on the Echo bike?
  2. Meet new people: Get out of your comfort zone a little and introduce yourself to someone new. It’s much nicer to share the suffering with someone. We have an amazing and diverse community, get to know them! It takes no time, and it can make all the difference to be mid workout with someone and get a glance of encouragement from them. We always have someone who is new, make them feel comfortable and introduce yourself. Another great thing about having gym buddies, is the accountability, you can organise with them, the days you want to train and meet them at the gym! No more excuses
  3. Smile: Everyone has bad days; we all deal with a bunch of things that almost no one at the gym knows about. However, this hour of power is a great opportunity, to get out of your head, put a smile on your face and get some good endorphins running through your system. It’s your choice to be at the gym, make the most out of it. You may even walk away with a new perspective.  The gym should be your happy place. 
  4. Try new things! Don’t be afraid to fail. Whilst your safety is the most important thing for us, we still want you to try new things! If you have never done a handstand push up, don’t skip that day, come along. You might be cautious of going upside-down, that is totally understandable, talk to the coaches, let us give you the right progressions to get you upside –down. We are all learning and growing; don’t let something be “too hard” give it a go! You’ll surprise yourself!
  5. Socialise! Take it out of the gym. We try to have ‘out of gym’ catch ups with the CFM crew on a semi regular basis. But instead of waiting for us to organise something, ask your new friend to go to the beach, or go for a hike. Sit in the sun on a Saturday afternoon and have a beer while watching the local sports team. Teach your kids how to do a handstand while you’re at the park or grab a gym buddy, head to a park and work on some of your skills! The options are endless! Have fun with it!

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