Push-Up Progressions

Struggling with push-ups? Or wanting to crack that 1 rep record and get a minimum of 10, 20 or more especially now that Christmas eve is coming up, and we all know what that means… MURPH! ????
Despite thinking of the push-up as a pretty simple movement, it can be one of the most challenging movements when it comes to high reps.
But why?
Well one of the main reasons is having a weak core, not engaging the core, and/or not switching on the glutes. All these result in the collapsing of the hips. Which turns more into a push-up looking like ‘the worm’ or ‘a hump to the floor’ not quite sure how to explain it in any other way… but you get the picture ????
So here’s a progression you might want to try.
The banded push-up

This progression gives you a measurable way to doing more push-ups. Make sure to take note of the hole number (on the rack) and band strength. Once you can do 10-15 reps unbroken, consider going down one hole number and changing to a slightly thinner band.
• Have band sitting directly under the hip
• Hands shoulder distance apart
• Body is in one straight line on the way down and up

Have a go next time there are push ups in a workout!
By Coach Nina

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