How to achieve your first Strict Pull-Up

One of the most common goals we find with new members in CrossFit is being able to do a strict pull-up.
The strict pull-up is a cornerstone of our program and we place a lot of emphasis on being able to do these.
Some of the advantages are….
1. They build upper body strength – Strict pull-ups are a great exercise for building our lats, upper back and shoulder strength.
2. They help with Kipping Pull-Ups – the strength built in isolation with the strict pull-up will build functional strength towards the kipping pull-up.
3. Functionality – they allow us to be prepared for anything whether that is hanging from something or needing to pull ourselves up, strict pull-ups will be a exercise that gives us the strength required to be that badass!
With this in mind we are providing a 4 week Program that is aimed at improving our upper body strength. This program is directed at those who are close to getting their first strict pull-up and will be for 3 sessions a week with 2 exercises in each session. This program should not take longer then 10mins a session.
Make sure to post your videos #iwcfm
First session will be posted here tomorrow.

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