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Joseph Sorouni
CrossFit Athlete


David Camp
CrossFit Athlete


Pat Cranny
CrossFit Athlete

What our clients say

I have been trained by these guys since 2011 and found it a very well run Crossfit Box.It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The coaches are very mindful of your abilities and workouts are scaled to challenge participantsappropriately. They take their time to ensure you know the correct techniques so you will get the most out of your training. It’s not all about lifting the heaviest or finishing the fastest; it’s about doing it well and improving from there.Just as importantly, the members are great too and we all provide great support to each other while enjoying the social side of things too. If you are looking for something new to try, I highly recommend Crossfit Marrickville.

Paul Roseworn

I’ve been doing Cross Fit here in Marrickville for a little over 2 years. The coaches are great in that they provide tips and guidance on skills and techniques, are approachable and are willing to help if you have a query. The crowd are great – no big egos but there is a bit of tongue and cheek here and there to keep the vibe up. But most of all there is variety – no week/class is the same, however some baseline work outs are repeated a few weeks later so you can see if you have improved in the weeks that follow. From the Cross Fit Open to internal completions (for all skill levels) there is something for everyone at every age. Well worth a visit.

Leslie Lamy

I have been training at CrossFit Marrickville for just over two years and I can’t recommend a better box/gym and community to be apart of. I have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness and strength in my time training at the box. The guidance and care that I have received as an athlete has been beyond fantastic. I cannot thank the Owner/Head coach Dave and his team of coaching staff enough. It is safe to say my aerobic fitness & strength is the best it has ever been! I am relocating interstate and am devastated to be leaving this amazing community, however I know I’ll be back for many visits in the future. I highly recommend Crossfit Marrickville as a home for becoming a better you in health and fitness!

Luisa Franzke

The coaches here are amazing and the community is very supportive. I would recommend anyone who is looking to begin their fitness journey to join Crossfit Marrickville!

Najwa Michael

Amazing people, coaches and workouts. Awesome gym – couldn’t recommend this place highly enough.

Jess Ryall

Wicked box! Great facility.. Awesome coaches .. And very welcoming culture and members.

Giuseppe Minoia


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