CrossFit Marrickville response to Greg Glassman Social Media post.

Last week Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman made some comments that were insensitive, racist, inappropriate and totally unacceptable. This put many CrossFit gyms in a difficult situation as to whether to continue being an affiliate or not. 

Gemma and I made a decision as affiliate owners, to take a step back and assess things throughly before we made any decisions on the future of CrossFit Marrickville.

I got into CrossFit back in 2009, opened Inner West CrossFit in 2010, then our 2nd affiliate CrossFit Marrickville in 2012. I still remember my first CrossFit workout and consider some of those people I met in my first session, as some of my closest friends to this day. I remember the first members at Inner West CrossFit and guess what, they are still members to this day, over 10 years later. I have coached people who have now moved on and opened their own affiliates.

CrossFit has provided me with a methodology that I truly believe in and has allowed our community to flourish where we can easily stand alone; by ourselves.

We do not believe that one person’s actions are a reflection of what we stand for, or that it undoes all the good work that we have built over the years.

CrossFit is community driven, we believe in what we do and can have a bigger impact if we stick together. In our community that means being diverse, accepting everybody and holding high standards.  

We will continue being a CrossFit affiliate for the time-being as we believe this is where we can make the biggest impact. Changing people’s perception of what Fitness means, providing a community that is second to none and being a part of something bigger in a global movement are all important reasons.

We understand that there are people in our community who are upset about the comments and have strong opinions on what we should do. Please respect our decision moving forward and hopefully you understand and appreciate our decision.

Thank you for being part of our incredible community.

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