Double Trouble # 7

Another year, another double trouble! Lucky number 7!

On this lovely half rainy day, we had 38 teams battle it out on the competition floor. 

As always we had 2 levels, with 23 teams in level 1 and 15 teams in level 2. First of all, congratulations to every team who came and participated, and thank you for making it such a great morning!

Our first workout was 6 minutes of barbell work , 2 min power cleans, 2 min front squats and 2 min squat cleans. Both levels with challenging weights. In level 1 we saw some impressive scores, with the Byron Babes ( yes Simon, you’re a total babe) in the top 3, smashing out 135 reps in the 6 min.  Anna and Alison getting an amazing 129 reps, what elbow injury?!

Level 2 had a heavier weight, at 70/45kg , the good girls , Alexa  Sarah, being extremely good, smashing out 127 reps. We had a tie for 3rd in wod 1 with Mark & Sian, Bas & Nigel and Jennifer & Sarah hammering out 110 reps.

In the second wod, we had some toes to bar, some dumbbell snatches and some skipping. Just in case skipping wasn’t challenging enough, we had the “zeus” ropes from RX ropes, which added a new level of difficulty. Nothing like a new challenge. “ CROSSFIT!”  

In level 1, the Pocket Rockets, Dee and Fay, certainly rocketed ahead with a massive 971 reps. Alicia and Bianca, also finding no issues with the Zeus rope, coming in at 4th.

Level 2 had double unders and a much heavier dumbbell than we’re used to throwing around, or so we thought. All teams making their coaches proud and handling the wod like pure pros! (Professionals )  Charlie and Barney threw that dumbbell around like it was hollow.  Tim and Rey, and Rhys and Lindsay making the toes to bar and double unders look seamless!

Onto our last wod, my personal least favourite, “ all the cardio” 

As if burpees aren’t bad enough, doing them synchro with your partner is worse. Once you’ve chipped through those you were on the most loved piece of equipment in any gym, the echo bike. Pedal till you get your cals, then run together, pedal your heart out again, run once more, then finish off with some more burpees. I still think plate pushes instead of the shuttle runs would have been ace. I guess there is always Double Trouble 8! 

We saw some fast times in level one, with Carl and Rory blitzing it in at 12.02 min ( I’d like to point out, our trial runs were not this impressive) Sandbaggers, Nathan and Ben getting their hustle on and coming in at 3rd. I’d like to point out that cardio is not everyone’s “wheelhouse” ( for want of a better word) So it warmed the cold corners of my heart to see everyone give it their best. Poppy and Drew, I loved the tenacity you had! Anastasia and Matt, you kept grinding on, I could feel your pain, but loved how you pushed through such a tough wod!

Level 2 saw some quick bike times, I’m not sure Charlies bike has stopped accumulating calories yet. 

Anything for a meat tray, Marty and Graham, had a lightening time of 10.28. I guess meat trays are pretty alluring! Lara and Mitch, who were up there all day, tied for 3rd!  So great to see Lionel and Rich grinding through, getting the work done, and Camila and Sarah showing so much grit.

At the end of the morning, Level 1 had their place getters

1st  Dee and Fay with 4 points

2nd Carl and Rory with 7 points

3rd Dave and Javier with 12 points

Level 2 saw Martin on the podium with a 1st place for the 4th time in a row

1st Marty and Graham

2nd Bas and Nigel

3rd Tim and Rey ( this was a tie break with Lara and Mitch who were so so so very close)

Congratulations to each and every one of you for such an incredible effort. Its so wonderful to see you all push yourselves and have a great time. As coaches its very rewarding to see you all succeed. Thank you for the members from other gyms who came and shared the day with us, its always lovely to meet other members of the crossfit community. You’re always welcome at CFM

To all the amazing staff, this day wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you from the bottom of my culo.

Dave, you’re a legend. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community, Thank you for keeping  Double Trouble going for 7 years and providing us with disgusting workouts. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and keeping us fit and excited for next year! I vote for a masters category!

Till next year my frothy friends!


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