Setting Yourself Up For Success As A Beginner

For those just getting started on your fitness journey as a beginner this post is for you…

We often see new members start with the best intentions, they sign-up, get all the new training gear (latest No Bull shoes, LSKD clothing), but fail on the simple things to find success.

Here are 3 tips and tricks to help get started and find success in your new fitness journey.

Consistency – Write a schedule of when you will be training at the beginning of the week. Just like most people do with a grocery shopping list have a training list. This will help you prioritise your training and find the consistency you are wanting.

Scaling – We often hear from new members – I was going to train yesterday but I saw the workout and it looked too hard, or I didn’t know the movement. Never find yourself with this mentality!!! That’s what the staff are here for. We will scale the workout to your level of ability, we will modify the movements as needed. We have our program for each day and then we individualise this session for each member as needed.

Keep Track – Most of us when getting started will have some goals related to our fitness. These goals might be things like ‘achieving first pull-up’, ‘back squat with bodyweight’, ‘push-up from toes’ etc. For progress to be seen, there should be something measurable that we are working towards. All our members have free access to Beyond The Whiteboard (BTWB). When training in the gym all our workouts are programmed on the App and all you need to do is record your scores / time / weight lifted. By keeping track of your workouts, you can see how much you are improving. The more we see progress, the more motivated we are to continue the path towards our goals.

By following these 3 tips we are sure your gym experience will be a success. We can’t wait to see you in the gym!!!

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