Hook Grip

What is it???
The hook grip is a grip used to help you improve your technique and grip strength in weightlifting. The hook grip stops the barbell from rotating in the hand, which then allows more weight to be lifted. The human body is amazing machine and if it feels that the grip being used is not strong enough for the weight lifted it will not allow the muscles to contract, protecting the body. Therefore if we can utilize the hook grip then we give the body confidence that we are strong enough to lift the weight.

Does it hurt?
For sure, the first few weeks will be uncomfortable but after a short period your body will adjust and you will be lifting heavier weights before you know it. Hook grip technique Grab onto the bar in you’re clean or snatch grip and wrap your thumb around the bar as hard as you can. Wrap your index and middle finger around the thumb securely squeezing down hard.

Hook Grip Tips:
# Taping your thumbs can help with discomfort and also the skin from ripping from rubbing on the bar. Use elastic tape or if using rigid put on loosely.
# Don’t just wrap your thumb around the bar, lock it in place with your index and middle finger by squeezing down on it.
# Make sure the front rack position is warmed up well. This will allow for the hook grip to be maintained which will help in high rep CrossFit styled workouts.
# Putting in clean grip and snatch grip deadlifts into the program will help strengthen the grip which will allow more weight to be lifted in these movements.

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