Integrity, Quality, and Honesty

You might ask yourself “What does integrity have to do with crossfit and working out?”
Well, I’m so glad you asked! As C.S Lewis put it “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”

A lack of integrity with form, shaving off a few seconds here and there, and counting reps is not a huge problem in our gym, but it does happen and when someone cuts reps off the WOD knowingly or doesn’t meet the standards, the coaches and fellow crossfitters notice. If you’ve been to other gyms, you’ll see that unfortunately this is something that does happen quite regularly.

It is your responsibility to count your reps properly, lack of integrity is only doing 6 reps instead of 10, or saying you did 8 rounds when you only did 6, it’s also doing incomplete reps (half squats in wall-balls, not completing overhead extension in a thruster, chin not clearing the bar in a pull-up, chest not touching the floor in a push up, if both of your feet don’t touch the rig in a Toes to bar etc) If any of these things happen, add another rep! Obviously, movements can get scaled, but even the scaled options have standards that need to be met. If you’re ever unsure about the standards, ask the coaches, that’s what they’re there for!

We’ve all lost count in a wod, and we’ve all forgotten what round we’re in, shit happens. It’s ok. That’s life. We’re only human. (Unless you’re Buckley) But don’t let it become a regular occurrence, there are ways to avoid this, use a whiteboard, use the poker chips, buy an abacus, count out loud (not too loud). Feel good about doing the right thing. You’ll be better off for it and fitter (and look better naked – think of the gainz you’re missing out on)

Not completing a movement properly and to the best of your ability might not seem like a big deal, but it is. It is an issue because, when one person intentionally throws quality, integrity, and honesty out the window, it then makes others feel as if that is an acceptable standard, and it is not. Standards are there for your safety and for consistency and continuity, so you can measure your progress over time.

The best way to uphold the integrity in your movement, is to be honest and coachable. There are certain things that you know you could improve on, anything else you can ask a coach about. Just listening to a coach’s recommendations isn’t enough though, you must consistently put things in to practice in order to make them stick. Listen to your coaches, they’re in this to HELP you. Let them. Ask questions if you’re unsure as to whether you’re doing something correctly. It’s better to ask, receive an answer, and make adjustments, rather than continuing on in a state of ignorance is bliss. Do yourself that favour; you’ll be glad you did when you’re stronger down the road and smashing workouts!

At the end of the day, the coaches aren’t going to count your every movement and ultimately you are responsible for putting in the work, counting your reps, meeting the movement standards and being honest with yourself and your fellow crossfitters. Winning doesn’t mean anything if comes at the cost of cheating yourself.

Coach Greg Glassman said “We’re forging elite fitness but we’re filtering for character.” Maintain your integrity to the program and push through it. Turn up, ask questions, laugh at the sexual innuendos about snatches (because they never get old. Ever), make friends, HAVE FUN, crush WODS, and make yourself at home. But don’t ever forget to check your ego at the door.

By Coach Bonnie
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