Tips and Strategies for Double Trouble # 3

Tips and Strategies for DT # 3

# Go hard and fast on the Shoulder to Overhead, small sets more frequently will help in this WOD
# Don’t go to total fatigue 3mins seems like only a short time, but it goes very slowly in the WOD.
# You are more than likely going to have about 5-7 sets for each person.
# Push Jerk is best technique though if this movement challenges you then look at doing a Push Press.
# The Burpee Box Jumps can be done quickly, one person only on at the box at a time.
# Be careful about going too fast on these as there is a lot of other stuff to do 🙂
# Toes to Bar / Knee Raises break into small sets save the grip as it will be needed for the Hang Power Cleans after.
# If somebody is better gymnastically let them do a few more sets here.
# Hang Power Cleans these become quite gassy, small sets between 5-10reps would be ideal.
# Partner Wall Balls, these felt challenging but also felt like we could do a big set, kind of like breathing on a 2km run. Between each rep it gives you just enough time to get your breath back. So get stubborn and try and hold on for big sets.
# This is a deceiving WOD, strength is very important on the Front Rack KB Walking Lunges, especially after the Row.
# Push at a medium intensity on the Row and try to get the Lunges done in as few sets as possible.
# Remember it is 2 rounds each not 1 so don’t kill yourself on the first round!!!

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