Whole Life Challenge – No Excuses

Below are two excuses we hear all the time when we as people about joining us on the Whole Life Challenge.

Obstacle #1

You think you need to be perfect.

The Challenge asks you to change your habits, many of which are longstanding. Odds are, you’re thinking that you need to change all seven habits at once and you have to get a perfect score. We know that’s not true, but you don’t, and so you worry about the monumental nature of joining — getting nutrition, mobility, hydration, exercise, sleep, reflection, and lifestyle worked out all at once.

An important thing to understand about the Whole Life Challenge — it’s not about perfection.

Participation doesn’t require you to get a perfect score or to completely change your life on the first try. Rather, participation is about progress — joining up and taking small steps. You can start by making small changes, eating a little better, making your exercise a bit more consistent, trying to get more sleep. You’ll find that the changes build on each other, and with each success, you’ll get closer and closer to the ideal.

No one expects a perfect score or a lack of slip-ups. We just want you to participate in the journey.

Obstacle #2

You worry about playing for eight weeks. It is a long time, after all. You think life will get in the way (weddings, parties, outings), and you won’t be able to get a perfect score (see Obstacle #1), and therefore you shouldn’t play.

Can you fit the Whole Life Challenge into your life? It’s a good question. We all have reasons not to — workload, parties and weddings coming up, the feeling that this is just one more thing you have to do. In fact, if we thought long enough, we could all come up with reasons not to play.

But here’s the thing. The Challenge is meant to fit real life, commitments and all. This philosophy creates room for that Friday nightcap, a lunch that isn’t super-healthy, a life event or two, a missed workout.

You’ll live your life, and sometimes you’ll score a few points less. Luckily, you’ll start each day with a clean slate, ready to try again.

The Challenge is a permission slip to change your habits without being perfect, and so it will fit into whatever you’ve got going on. In fact, that’s the whole point.

So you really have no excuse!

If you are read to join our team then all you need to do is sign-up here! Our team name is “Inner West CrossFit and CrossFit Marrickville”

Just a quick heads up for our Whole Life Challenge Team and those of your interesting in joining — If you are still unpaid be sure to complete your registration before January 4th (tomorrow!) to take advantage of the early bird price and save yourself a few dollars!

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