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David Buckley coach at CrossFit Marrickville

David Buckley

Owner / Head Coach
Dave is the owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Marrickville. He has over 13 years experience as a CrossFit trainer. He holds a CrossFit Level 2 trainer qualification as well as certifications in Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Powerlifting. Dave believes that CrossFit is a state of mind and encourages members to tune in to their own goals in order to achieve success.

Gemma Buckley coach at CrossFit Marrickville

Gemma Buckley

Gemma is the owner along with Dave and believes CrossFit is for everyone regardless of age, size, gender or fitness level. Gemma’s welcoming personality will make you feel part of our community from the start.

Bonnie Blaq coach at CrossFit Marrickville

Bonnie Blaq

Gym Manager / Coach
Bonnie has been a CFM coach since 2014 and is now the manager. After discovering CrossFit and falling in love almost instantly, she became a coach where she found joy from seeing clients reach their goals. She has the experience and knowledge to lead and instruct all levels of ability and will support, inspire and challenge members to get out of their comfort zone both physically and mentally. Bonnie also believes a full life consists of balance which includes a cheeky drink in the sun and dirty joke or two.

Annie Levine coach at CrossFit Marrickville

Annie Levine

Annie isn’t your typical fitness coach. She came to CrossFit Marrickville with very little fitness experience and a toddler in tow. It was in the parents’ class that she fell in love with CrossFit and the supportive community at CFM. That was seven years and many, many workouts ago. Annie has since completed her CrossFit Level 1 and is now a permanent member of the coaching staff and loving every minute of it! Breaking down the basics for newbies or helping our best get even better, Annie gives it her all in every class. Whether it’s 5:30am or 7pm, Annie’s energy and big smile will help you get through even the toughest session.

Vu Tran


Paula Sanz coach at CrossFit Marrickville

Paula Sanz

I started CrossFit in 2019 as a new years resolution. I had never been fit or strong and had been dragging an ED since high school; I forced myself to make a change. Thanks to joining CrossFit, I learnt that you are able to achieve anything you want, if you put in the work and make consistency a priority. I have become a much more confident individual in all aspects of life and I decided that I wanted to help and encourage others to do the same and share what I’ve learnt over my journey. CrossFit has always allowed me to thrive in a community environment, and it is a constant challenge and forever learning sport – which is the thing I love the most.

Drew McTavish coach at CrossFit Marrickville

Drew McTavish

Weight Lifting Coach
Our resident weightlifting coach and gym “cheerleader” started CrossFit with us 6 years ago and he quickly found his passion for training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting. He is currently a certified level 1 & 2 Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation and a level 1 CrossFit Coach. Drew loves working with all levels of lifters and would love to have you join the club.

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