Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s raining and your motivation might be lacking a little….

If you’re not enjoying your training, (especially when it’s cold and dark and you’re less motivated) there is less likelihood of you showing up. As well as being a method to reach your goals, a tool to keep you fit and healthy, your training should also be fun. When it’s enjoyable, you want to show up for yourself and for others. Keeping training fun improves consistency and makes exercise something you look forward to, rather than a chore.  

Utilize your CFM community!


You receive your workouts a week in advance, call a friend and see what days they’re training and make a plan to meet up with them on certain days. It’s always easier to train when you have a friend keeping you accountable, it’s also heaps more fun!

If you’re new to the gym and don’t know many people, show up and the coaches will pair you with someone. Showing up is the tough part, the rest is easy. You can make the most of that time by serving as a good training partner – and of course, you can expect the same in return.

Some benefits of having your friends:

Help Keep You Safe – Our main emphasis is on quality of movement mechanics. Occasionally, you will be in class and the coach is helping someone else, a good training partner can help.  For example:  If you’re doing a deadlift, your training partner’s job is simple, they’re looking for any deviation of spinal mechanics – if they see your lower back round, they let you know. Then you can ask a coach for further guidance.

Provide Feedback – Simple observations like, “it looked like your hips shifted to the left when you started out of the bottom of your squat,” or “your first four reps all looked the same, but the fifth rep didn’t look as good,” don’t require a ton of coaching experience.  We don’t want you to coach your partner, but being able to see their movements and providing feedback to the member and the coaches can be beneficial 

Help You Stay Focused – When you’re exerting yourself, sometimes it’s easy to lose count, especially if you’re doing tempo work in a strength component. Partners can help you stay focused on your mechanics or your training goal by doing the more mundane things, like counting your reps, or holding you accountable to the standards of the movements.  “Squat a little deeper mate!”

Support and Motivate – We all know how much easier it is to push for an extra rep when you have a friend encouraging you, so utilize your training partners to get more out of your training session. Be there, be present, support and cheer on your buddy. 

Finally, partnering up has a significant and important side effect, it helps build our community. Human interaction, support, encouragement and friendship are among the main reasons CFM have such a kick-arse community. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet someone new and to help each other move toward similar goals of improved health and fitness. Next time your workout doesn’t call for a timed, all-out effort, pair up with someone and be a good training partner. They’ll do the same for you, and you’ll both walk out of the gym a lot happier with your training session.

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