Guess What? You’re Not Too Busy To Train!

The new year is peeping around the corner and a lot of us have the new years resolution to train more often, but we also have that small voice in the back of our head that says “ I just don’t have the time” or “ I’m too busy” or  “ Kids, work, life”

The good news is that you do have the time. This can be challenging but it’s definitely possible.  Here at CrossFit Marrickville, our members are busy and successful people: parents, professionals, full time students etc. Everyone is busy, everyone finds the time to train.  Here are a few tips to help you find the time to train

1. Prioritise your day

We all have the same 24 hours in the day.  We aren’t going to tell you what is and what isn’t important, that is up to you to figure out.  What we suggest is that you plan out your week, take note of how many hours you’re working, family time, sleeping, watching tv and social activities, and a big one these days is screen time ie: scrolling through tik tock and accidentally losing 2 hours.  By having all this information, it’s easier to see where you can fit some training in. Maybe cut your TV time down, put your phone down and go train!

2. Motivation

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself the question and be honest with your answer. Do you have the time?  Or can you just not be bothered? Being motivated every day can be difficult, and that’s ok.  Maybe organise to meet a friend at the gym, to help with your accountability. Remind yourself of that feeling of accomplishment you have once you’ve completed your workout.  Just show up! 

3. Work around your schedule

We have 8 classes a day. Starting at 5.30am and the last class is at 7pm. We have a class for the early bird, and the night owl and even the permanently exhausted pigeon!  We have a 10am parents’ class where you can bring your kids along.  We have open gym twice a week on weekdays, 4 classes on a Saturday morning with open gym at 11. So, there is really no excuse to say you can’t make it. We’ve got you covered

Most people feel they have more energy to get through their day after they’ve done a workout.

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