3 Great Uses for EMOMs

‘EMOM’ stands for Every Minute On The Minute. For example, on the Monday just passed we completed a workout where we worked for 15 minutes completing in the first minute 20sec of max calories on the Rogue Echo Bike. Members then rested the remaining 40sec of the first minute. On the second minute they completed 15 Lateral Burpees Over The Bar and the third minute they completed 5 Power Cleans. This was completed for 5 rounds equalling 15 minutes. 

Why do we use such a workout in the group environment?

  1. EMOMs are great for skill building. For example in this workout members on the third minute members completed 5 power cleans. This amount of work inside one minute is quite an easy achievable number. This then allowed members to focus on the technique and skill of the movement. It allowed coaches to provide feedback and members can then fine tune their technique.
  2. Programming EMOMs allows the coach to control the total volume of the members work. In the workout above there is 75 Lateral Burpees to be completed. However, this number was individualised for each member. Members were instructed to work for no longer than 45sec on their first round and to move at moderate intensity. This allowed members to move appropriately for their level of fitness and also stay consistent for the full 15 minute workout.
  3. Time efficient. EMOMs are an amazing way of getting work done inside the gym efficiently. By programming EMOMs we can make sure that we have a balanced program and members are getting all the work done to allow for a greater improvement and gains inside the gym.  

There are endless variations and purposes for EMOMs. Need help programming an EMOM to improve your fitness? Contact Us Now we would love to help.

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