Crossfit Open 2024 Review

Another year, another CrossFit Open. It was great to see so many members sign up for the open this year. Especially those who have never participated in the open before. It’s always a fun and challenging time of year, where members push themselves and get their “firsts” Congratulations to everyone who participated, We love seeing you all push your limits and kick arse!

24.1 was pretty predictable with Castro’s clue. That Mushroom was a dead giveaway.  Hello, little cardio burner. Burpees and Snatches. We saw some incredible times, with Hamada, Rey and Azat within a few seconds of each other.  Jenny and Allie dominating RX and Agustina going at lightning speed in the scaled.

24.2 was hinted to us with the (not) meat pie knocking over a chess piece, which obviously meant we had rowing, deadlifts and skipping.  This was a longer workout, being a 20min AMRAP. If you could get through the skipping unbroken, and maintain a decent pace, without redlining in the first few rounds, this saw some members get into the 8th and 9th rounds.  Endurance and quick transitions were your friend in this WOD. Shout out to legends like Alex and Laura, who decided to RX and get their first double unders! Tiffany, Anastasia and Cat roared through this workout in the scaled division, along with Fred getting an incredible 817 reps!  The only way this workout could have been better for coach Dave, was if there were wall balls included. The legend almost finished his 9th round doing RX.

The last WOD for this open, with a dog eating some chicken being our clue, had a bit more skill involved. Hello ripped hands. We had Chest-to-bars/jumping chest-to-bars and thrusters. Bad Fran. As a coach, it was so amazing to see so many members get their first chest to bars, or superstars like Ayesha who did all 50 reps and young Harper who has never done a chest to bar, just casually smashing out some reps ending up with 72 reps. Marty and Heidi making the C2B look easy and getting to the Muscle ups, to creep up the leaderboard. Paddy and Sophie, making easy work of the scaled workout almost finishing the entire Wod. I’ve got nothing nice to say about the thrusters. The heavier they got, the more shit they got.

Shout out to George Pap. Who was not only on top of the Australian leaderboard but also sitting in a super impressive 15th spot on the worldwide leaderboard, easily making it to the quarterfinals. Equally impressive, are the rest of the CFM crew who have made it through to the quarterfinals. Congratulations to David B, Reynel, Hamada, Nick, Azat, Richard, Allie, Jenny, Bonnie and Sarah who all qualified. May the CrossFit gods only program to your strengths in the quarterfinals which will be held in April.

Love being part of this amazing community.

Coach Bonnie

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