Calories Against Childhood Cancer

No one should have to go to the funeral of a 5-year-old girl, it was inconceivable and truly heartbreaking.

Last month little Aria Zimmermann daughter of former members JZ and Chrissy – of which many of you know, passed away from cancer, her little life cut short by this horrible disease.

Bear Cottage looked after Aria while going through her gruelling cancer treatment, however, they desperately need funds to continue their hard work in providing the best care to these little angels, who deserve so much better.

Zero Childhood Cancer needs funds to support research towards cures, to help ensure future generations of children do not have to succumb to the same fate as beautiful Aria.

How can we help?

Calories Against Childhood Cancer – Saturday 22nd June – 9 am.

  • Create a team of 4 
  • As a team raise as much money as possible.
  • On the event day, in your teams of 4, you will have a set amount of calories to complete on the rower or bike.
  • Childhood games, such as tug of war and musical chairs will be happening on the day also.

Major prizes go to the team who raises the most money.

Raffle*, BBQ and Beers will be on sale with all proceeds going to the charities.

If you need help getting a team together please email us at [email protected] and we will help get you a team of 4, we need to get started on this straight away.

A team fundraising page will be set up for your team – The team captain will get the email and add the remaining members, then start getting donations!

Remember all donations are tax-deductible before June 30th and we can provide a receipt, so ask your employers, co-workers, friends and families as it is for a very worthy cause!

* We need raffle prizes please, big or small, anything you or your business/ bosses can give will help immensely, experiences, vouchers, products, every little helps.

Remember this is a charity event, not a competition event, charity events are much less intense, and everyone can do it, including friends and family outside of the gym. The only competition is to be the team that raises the most money. Let’s Do This!

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