After the Open, our goal is to reset & rebuild starting with the base of the pyramid: Strength. Strength is the foundation for helping us build our fitness and this is our priority in our next phase. The training phase we’re going to jump into next serves as a transition phase to get us from a very high-intensity training phase (before and during the open) into a slower heavier training phase which is our Base Strength Phase coming in May. 


During this phase, our focus is on unilateral strength and stability. This will help members see whatever imbalance they have and give them a stable platform for the strength cycle that will come up in May. We will be utilising a non-linear approach inspired by the Conjugate method. It will run for 6 weeks, starting on Monday the 18th March – 4th May. 

Training Components In The Week:

  • Max Effort Days. These days are all about maxing out in the different movements we will be providing. The movements will be varied from week to keep but will all support the general goal of increasing unilateral strength & stability. Examples of this are: Work up to a max effort of 3/3 Single Arm DB bench press
  • Speed Days. The goal of these days is to increase the rate of force development and are crucial to complement any strength training.
  • Volume Days. On these days the volume will support the strength focuses and can be done in either the workout or an isolated strength set. Example, if we want to have a volume lower body unilateral day, we may have 3 sets of 20 weighted back rack lunges OR we may have them in a workout with movements that will have little interference.
  • Accessories. The accessories for this cycle will focus mainly on 2 things. Lower body posterior chain &  strict pull-ups. We are going to provide a “get your first pull up” type of progression that are an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for some structure in getting their first pull-up.

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