Why do We Perform Unilateral Movements in Training?

With our programming in CrossFit we all love to see our big lifts going up, Squat Deadlift, Press etc.
What happens though we stall on these movements what we can do to get stronger?
Unilateral Movements

This is when we train one side of the body exclusively. We focus on one side of the body to isolate that portion. The benefits may not be immediately obvious but there are many….
Improving Balance and Stability. Most people tend to use one side of the their body more than other in everyday life. This is not helped with bilateral movements such as back squats. Using unilateral movements will help with any imbalances by forcing both sides to work just as hard. Joints, tendons and muscles need to work harder to keep you balanced and stable. This in turn creates a stronger more resilient unit.
What are some Unilateral Movements?
1. Split Squat
2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
3. Single Arm KB Bottom Up Walk
4. Lunges
5. Single Arm Pressing
6. Step Ups
7. Single Arm KB Sit-Ups
8. Suitcase Carry
9. Single Arm DB Rows
10. DB Bicep Curls

The list goes on…
So next time you see a unilateral movement programmed (which is often) give it just as much effort as you would on your back squat or deadlift and in turn you will create a stronger more balanced body.

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